How to make a LEGO hospital bed?

A LEGO hospital bed is one of those things that would be fun for children to build. But how can we get started? In this article, you will learn how to make one. The 60330 Hospital is an excellent start, but it is lacking a number of engaging features. For instance, the hospital does not include an MRI machine or modular maternity unit. But you can still build one yourself by following these simple steps.

60330 Hospital lacks engaging features

The LEGO 60330 Hospital is a basic building set with a minimal amount of engaging features. Despite the impressive detailing, there are no engaging play features to keep children engaged. The interior is a bit cramped, and the hospital’s roof lacks any stairs leading to the elevated pad. It also lacks a lot of modular features that make it more appealing for role play. Still, it is a decent addition for fans of the LEGO CITY Adventures animated series.

While the 60330 Hospital has some nice pieces not found in the 60204 City Medical Center, it doesn’t have the same high quality. The price tag is probably partly due to a large road element that doesn’t add much to the model. Nevertheless, I would recommend this building set to all LEGO fans as it is still a good option for younger children. But it’s important to note that a child should be supervised when assembling this set, especially if it contains fiddly elements.

60330 Hospital lacks a LEGO hospital bed

The LEGO CITY 60330 Hospital is a well-constructed, modular hospital, but the interior is disappointingly cramped. Rather than providing a roomy feel for role-playing doctors and nurses, the set lacks the most basic of elements: a hospital bed. This is a shame, given the hospital’s potential as a playhouse. Still, it does include several nice details and a cute LEGO squirrel.

The 60330 Hospital has a bathroom, a physiotherapy room, a ward, and a doctor’s office, which are all necessary and useful elements of a hospital. However, this hospital is far less elaborate than its predecessor, the 60204 City Hospital, which featured a working X-ray machine and ophthalmology unit. While this set does offer more pieces, it’s significantly more expensive than its predecessor.

In addition to a LEGO hospital bed, the 60330 Hospital includes a new squirrel figurine, baby and a bottle. Other features of the hospital include a broom, a wheelchair, a baby, a squirrel, a two-way radio, a syringe, and three stretchers. Despite its lack of a hospital bed, the set is a fun way to create realistic scenes.

60330 Hospital lacks an MRI machine

LEGO has a great idea to alleviate kids’ fear of MRIs. To that end, the company has decided to send MRI machines in the form of LEGO sets to hospitals. This will allow kids to learn about the process and what happens during an MRI. And because of the popularity of the toy, the LEGO company will send these custom sets to hospitals as a part of its Local Community Engagement program.

60330 Hospital lacks a modular maternity unit

The 60330 Hospital looks good, but is far from an exciting set. While there are lots of nice details and stickers, there’s just not enough to keep a child entertained while building. There are no modular maternity units, and the floors and walls are sparsely furnished. There’s also a lot of insignificant detail, such as a cute LEGO squirrel. This is a set that’s best suited to older kids, but a younger child may want to get an adult to help them with the pieces.