How to make a LEGO bedroom?

To create a LEGO bedroom, you can use many different techniques, such as a DIY Lego bed or Expedit bookshelves. You can also try a custom loft bed, or choose a red and yellow color scheme. This article will walk you through each step. To get started, choose a bed that will accommodate a Lego model. After you have selected a bed, you can start decorating the room with LEGOs.


You may have noticed that the kids of today love the LEGO toy. Not only do kids love these building blocks, but adults also love this unique decor. If your child loves building things with LEGOs, you can create a LEGO bedroom to match their room theme! The possibilities are endless. Read on to learn more about how to make a LEGO bedroom and how to decorate with LEGOs. Your child will surely love it!

First, Cecilia built a custom loft bed with ample built-in storage. She then renovated some shelving units from IKEA by gluing large circular discs to the pieces, which resemble LEGO blocks’ pegs. Next, Cecilia chose a color palette that is more natural and less playful than traditional LEGO pieces. The dusty blue and pale yellow colors add sophistication and a relaxed atmosphere to Edvin’s bedroom.

Once you’ve built the loft bed, consider making the rest of the room look like a LEGO bedroom. You can buy LEGO-inspired furnishings from stores like Target and Walmart. You can even make LEGO pillows using fabric glue and pillow cases. Just make sure you use the correct color and size of LEGO bricks. Then, you’re ready to decorate. You can now decorate your LEGO bedroom with Lego pieces and save yourself some money!

You can also decorate with LEGO wall stickers and other temporary decor. These can be removed easily as your child grows, so your child can still enjoy the LEGO theme while growing up. If you don’t have the budget for permanent changes, you can also buy over-sized LEGO blogs to create the same effect. So, how to make a LEGO bedroom? Let us discuss a few simple steps! And remember, it is never too late to decorate!

Expedit bookshelves

You may not be able to fit bookshelves in every room of your bedroom, so you might want to make use of existing bookshelves. This is not a problem, since there are many ways to make use of these existing bookshelves. A great way to maximize your storage space is to build tall, skinny bookcases that flank doorways. The bookshelves should be at least 72 inches high to be functional.

To assemble the bookshelf, place the top and bottom frame pieces in a way that will make them fit together properly. Once you’re satisfied with the fit, glue them to the side panels. Use wood glue to stick the pieces together, and then screw the pieces into place. Make sure to use wood glue to keep the edges flush and square. If you want a more finished look, you can use nail setter.

After you have completed the molding, you can dress up your shelves. You’ll need about fourteen-and-a-half feet of moulding, which is 29 1/2 inches long. You can also stain the moulding if you have it in wood, which will bring out the wood grain better. Once the bookshelves are finished, you can either paint them or stain them. Make sure to label each board to make sure you’re not missing any parts.

Custom loft bed

If your child loves LEGO, you can build a custom loft bed that is covered in reclaimed wood planks and topped with a bright green graphic. This will make the bedroom a sunny and colorful spot for reading, crafting, or simply relaxing. The bed can double as a workstation and feature two chairs. Your child will love the way their room looks! You can even make LEGO pillows using pillow cases and fabric glue.

Another popular LEGO bedroom decoration is a pirate fire truck. It looks awesome and gives the room a royal, luxurious touch. Kids will love the custom headboard and underneath shelves. You can easily make one of these for your child for very little money. Your child will love having his or her very own pirate bed! The pirate fire truck loft bed is an excellent addition to any child’s room. It will be sure to attract all eyes!

There are many benefits to a loft bed. It provides an extra space underneath the bed for play. Depending on your child’s preferences, a loft bed can be shaped to fit into any room. One of the best things about a loft bed is that it can be custom-built to fit a specific room. A castle loft bed is a fun option for your child’s bedroom and can serve as a reading nook, too. A good tutorial for making a castle loft bed is available on LZ.

A custom LEGO bed can be made from any of the many DIY kits available on the market. For more advanced DIY projects, check out the LEGO Bedroom Decorating Idea Book, which has numerous ideas on how to create a LEGO-inspired bedroom! You don’t need to be an expert in interior design, but a little bit of experience can go a long way. With these great ideas, you can have your own LEGO bedroom without spending a fortune.

Red and yellow color scheme

A LEGO bedroom can be decorated with vibrant colors. A red and yellow color scheme is classic and distinctly LEGO. A bed with a yellow headboard and red bedding, along with matching shelves and a bedside table complete the look. The color scheme can be kept simple by using the colors that are commonly associated with LEGO bricks. For added LEGO flair, consider installing a red and yellow wall decal. The following LEGO bedroom design ideas will help you create a unique and memorable room for your child.

A LEGO bedroom theme can have many different colors, but it is most often associated with yellow. The color is so associated with food that businesses that target children often use it in advertisements. In addition to the main colors, there are other ways to use the yellow color. You can apply it to the walls as a background, or use it separately as a wall accent. Whatever you do, remember that yellow is a fun and happy color for a LEGO bedroom.

Red and yellow can also be combined to make a vibrant bedroom. Both primary colors are highly expressive, and they can work well together to create a fun, playful space. In addition to using the two colors to make a LEGO bedroom, you can also combine them to make a modern space. For more subtle shades, use a combination of primary and secondary colors and use white as a backdrop. This will make the room look more spacious.

Storage options

Having storage for all of your child’s LEGO can be a hassle, but there are several options available for a LEGO-themed bedroom. First of all, you can use storage blocks to create a LEGO bed. Alternatively, you can also use the same method to recreate a Lack coffee table. In addition to being great for storage, LEGO blocks also stack easily to create life-size replicas. You can also use drawers to store and organize LEGO sets.

While many storage solutions for LEGOs can be very handy, it’s important to keep in mind that some of these storage options can take up more room than others. Some people find a simple repurposed drawer to be the most effective, while others opt for a shallow wood box. You should also keep in mind that shallow storage will occupy more space, but you’ll have to be able to store it properly when it’s not in use.

If you’re looking for a creative solution to store your LEGOs, consider building a Lego table from a cheap coffee table. You can also get a Lego tabletop that doubles as storage, which makes it a great option for a LEGO bedroom. You can also use your child’s existing wall space as storage space. You can even build a Lego bed from Lego bricks, as long as you have a few plastic storage boxes handy.

Another option is an under-bed storage cart that slides right out from under the bed. It is easy to access, and it will be out of your child’s way once playtime is over. This storage solution can make it easy to keep the entire collection organized. It’s also a great option if the bedroom is small. There are many other storage solutions for LEGOs, including shallow plastic storage boxes on wheels.